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The Bible is full of stories. Wondrous ones. Confusing ones. Disastrous ones. Stories that depict amazing and great men and women accomplishing incredible deeds that make our hearts thump and spirits soar. Stories that depict tragic men and women that leave us scratching our heads.


The Bible is full of stories – but none of those stories are ultimately about the events that occur or the people that are in them.

The Bible is full of stories – but it tells only a single story…


The story of God.

At work.

In His world.

Accomplishing His purposes.


In this series of messages we will look at some of those well-known stories in the Bible with the goal of getting ‘little glimpses of a bigger God.’ All in the hopes that we can begin to see the events and stories of our lives in the light of the Big God we serve.

Every first Sunday of the month we participate in the remembrance of communion together – either from the comfort of our homes and gatherings, or from the sanctuary – please have your elements prepared in advance, all you need is some juice, crackers/bread, and your Bible.