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It is true that Jesus, as God in flesh, was loving, tender, full of truth and overflowing with grace. But at times His words, His responses and even His actions left no doubt. They were direct, harsh and unfiltered. At times it left the crowds, his enemies and even his disciples baffled, reeling, stewing and plotting. But even at those times his responses were not a result of a short temper, thin skin or damaged pride. Jesus bore His Father’s heart for people living lives far from God and living in ways the Father never intended. His love for them was fierce. So at times His warnings were stern, His words were sharp and His responses to what He saw and heard and knew left no doubt. But even then Jesus was doing exactly as the Father directed and saying precisely what the Father wanted. Join us Sunday mornings as we explore the New Testament picture of Jesus – unredacted.

Every first Sunday of the month we participate in the remembrance of communion together – either from the comfort of our homes and gatherings, or from the sanctuary – please have your elements prepared in advance, all you need is some juice, crackers/bread, and your Bible.