At our 10:30am worship service, you will hear contemporary / alternative music. People are encouraged to express their worship in the way that they connect best to God, so you may see some hands raised while others may be seated or in prayer.

Don’t forget to come early to grab some coffee, a donut or two, and connect with new and old friends!



Current Series:

January 2020

2020 VISION – Thy Kingdom Come

A little over 2000 years ago Jesus entered bodily into this world. His world. Not for a visit or just a look around. He came with a vision. To restore and to reign. Those two, by necessity – go together. His restoration is a direct result of His reign.


That was His vision then for the world. It is His vision still for every person on the planet.


Join us Sunday mornings as we kick off the new year with a 2020 vision for our own lives that is in line with His.