Current Series

The church was birthed into turmoil. The opposition was established, powerful, and vicious. Yet the church endured even though those other power-houses passed away. 

How did the church through the ages not just survive in a broken world, but survive under relentless attack and persecution? How did the early church thrive and expand when Christians had no power, little resources, and were, quite often, intentionally persecuted? 

Join us Sunday mornings as we study 1 & 2 Peter and take a closer look at how this tiny, insignificant, under-resourced, and overlooked movement of God went viral even before there were internet and youtube!!!

Every first Sunday of the month we participate in the remembrance of communion together – either from the comfort of our homes and gatherings, or from the sanctuary – please have your elements prepared in advance, all you need is some juice, crackers/bread, and your Bible.
If you are joining us in-house, the elements will be provided for you when you arrive in the foyer. 
Please use the utensils provided.