Current Series:

August 2, 2020 – August 30, 2020
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Our lives matter. To us. To others. And especially to God. 


Our lives matter – it is true. It is also true that our lives are largely the product of our decisions. 

Not the decisions we consider, but the decisions we make. And we all know that sometimes the decisions we make may seem good at the time, may feel good at the moment, and may sound good – but we find out later they weren’t good. 


Adam and Eve found that out. 


Often the decisions we make in our lives are not good for our lives. And our lives matter. Sin unchecked does things in us that causes us to believe lies about ourselves and lies about the world we live in. And eventually, we find our decisions have left us living our lives far from God. 


In Luke 15, Jesus told a story about 2 sons who found themselves living life apart from their Father’s love. In this sermon series, ‘There and Back Again’ we will be studying this story and looking at how it is we can wake up one day only to realize we have wandered far from God – and most importantly we will look at what it takes to find our way back home into our Father’s love again.

Every first Sunday of the month we participate in the remembrance of communion together – either from the comfort of our homes and gatherings, or from the sanctuary – please have your elements prepared in advance, all you need is some juice, crackers/bread, and your Bible.