At our 10:30am worship service, you will hear contemporary / alternative music. People are encouraged to express their worship in the way that they connect best to God, so you may see some hands raised while others may be seated or in prayer. 

Don’t forget to come early to grab some coffee, a donut or two, and connect with new and old friends! 


Current Series:

November 2019


The Apostle Paul wrote the New Testament letter to the Philippians. In it he references and expresses joy 16 different times. This letter is a ‘joy explosion!’ Did you know Paul wrote that letter while chained in a dungeon? He did. Not even the hardship, hunger, horrid conditions, injustice, shackles or abuse could stifle the joy that lived in this man’s heart. It overflowed. As is intended.

  Jesus said that His joy would be in us and we would be filled by it. And that has to get out! Join us Sunday mornings in November as we not only learn about a joy-filled life but become bearers of heaven’s joy – no matter what circumstances we may find ourselves in. Bring your bible and grab a friend for this great journey.