0 - 12TH GRADE

Children's Ministry


We are grateful for your partnership in bringing God’s Word to the hearts of your children! If you have absolutely any questions/concerns please feel free to reach out via email to courtney@fourmile.org

In the nursery, children will worship, play, and read stories about the life of Jesus as well as be prayed over by our loving volunteers.  Here we will establish the roots needed for a lifelong love of Jesus!

This ministry enables parents to worship, attend classes, and serve knowing their child is in a safe environment with loving caretakers who are demonstrating and teaching them that they matter to Jesus. 

Each volunteer submits an application and must clear a background check. A check-in process is in place to ensure that only the appropriate person is dropping off and picking up the child.  The nursery is also inspected to make sure everything is baby safe.

In Kids Church, we focus on three main ideas: God made me, God loves me, and Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

We introduce kids to the large group/small group structure as well as introducing families to the partnership between parents and the church.

When kids leave the class they will know that God is real and that they can talk to Him at any time, at any place, and they will be ready to take their next step into Student Ministry.

Parents are encouraged to serve in preschool so they can learn and grow with their child. Children in this classroom must be potty trained.

Family events are designed for parents and kids to spend time together. Because we believe in partnering with (not replacing) parents, we invite parents to join in the fun with their children. These events are centered on fun for the whole family and are designed to be enjoyable to attend and easy to invite friends.


Community opportunities for students in grades 4 through 12
Our vision for the middle school students is to reach the area in and around Beaver, PA, making fully devoted followers of Jesus while taking our next steps toward Christ, together. 

First and foremost, we want your kids to encounter Jesus – through the Truth of scripture and the relationships that we feel privileged to develop, every time we get together – that is our goal.

We don’t want your kids to just know the right answers, we want to help prepare them for adulthood by equipping them through the Bible to discover their true identity – in Christ!

Our goal for students and leaders alike is to know who they are in Christ, and when the Holy Spirit is on the move in our lives, moving forward through life’s ever-changing circumstances won’t feel so overwhelming and unbearable.

3rd-5th grade student ministry! We are starting a new student ministry program called FM that will take place in Four Mile Church’s dining room at 4pm.

Any 3rd-5th grade students who attend childcare and would like to take part in FM will be able to accompany Miss Nikki to the dining room at 4pm on these days, and any interested students who do not attend Four Mile Child Care are welcome to be dropped off by parents between 4:00 & 4:30pm, or can ride the appropriate bus after school to be dropped off at Four Mile.

Beginning at 4pm, we will have snacks and fellowship, followed by Bible-based lessons, games, discussions and activities. The program ends at 5:30, and students can be picked up from downstairs in the dining room at the conclusion of the program. If childcare families are unable to pick their child up at 5:30, they will then be able to accompany Miss Nikki back upstairs, where they can be picked up from the preschool room by 6pm, as usual.

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June 18-23, 2023
Location = Round Lake Christian Camp
Cost per person (student/volunteer) = $149
Week long camp that is high energy! This is for students who are entering 6th grade through students who are entering 9th grade. High school students can come either as a student leader; or as part of a work crew which is like a mission trip!
This trip is for students who both know Jesus and those who do not yet know Him.
Calling Volunteers! For this event, we will need about 1 adult for every 5-6 students to lead groups.

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