Pillar 9. Serve Others


a. FMC is committed to taking our next steps towards Christ together by serving, helping, and healing others

b. FMC affirms that all help, service, and healing is done in the name of Jesus and with a heart that reflects His great love

c. FMC plays an outsized role in serving neighborhoods/communities/schools throughout the Tri-State Region & beyond

d. FMC establishes and nurtures relationships with key influencers across the region to capitalize on emerging opportunities

e. FMC identifies needs, plans a response, resources the plan, and implements service efforts deliberately

f. FMC is always postured for a spontaneous response to an unanticipated need

g. FMC has an eye toward team building and sanctification in all helper, servant, and healer engagements; friend and foe alike

h. FMC focuses all helper, servant, and healer efforts across the full spectrum of human ecology: body, mind, heart, & soul

Reformed [ECO] Theological Tenets

Q. 78. Whence ariseth the imperfection of sanctification in believers?

A. The imperfection of sanctification in believers ariseth from the remnants of sin abiding in every part of them, and the perpetual lusting of the flesh against the Spirit; whereby they are often foiled with temptations, and fall into many sins, are hindered in all their
spiritual service, and their best works are imperfect and defiled in the sight of God.

Q. 103. What does God require in the fourth commandment?

A. First, that the ministry of the gospel and Christian education be maintained, and that I diligently attend church, especially on the Lord’s day, to hear the Word of God, to participate in the holy Sacraments, to call publicly upon the Lord, and to give Christian service to those in need.

Second, that I cease from my evil works all the days of my life, allow the Lord to work in me through his Spirit, and thus begin in this life the eternal Sabbath.

Saints by their profession are bound to maintain an holy fellowship and communion in the worship of God, and in performing such other spiritual services as tend to their mutual edification; as also in relieving each other in outward things, according to their several abilities and necessities. Which communion, as God offereth opportunity, is to be extended unto all those who, in every place, call upon the name of the Lord Jesus.

Through His regenerating and sanctifying work, the Holy Spirit grants us faith and enables holiness, so that we may be witnesses of God’s gracious presence to those who are lost. The Spirit gathers us in a community that is built up and equipped to be light, salt, and yeast in the world. Christ sends us into the world to make disciples of all nations, baptizing in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything that Christ has commanded us. We are now in service to God’s plan for the fullness of time: uniting all things in heaven and earth to Himself.

To this end, we preach Christ, calling all persons to repent and believe the gospel. We also care for the natural world, claim all areas of culture in the name of Jesus, serve the poor, feed the hungry, visit the prisoner, and defend the helpless. We do this work not with any thought that we are able to bring in the kingdom, but in the confident hope that God’s kingdom is surely coming, a day when suffering and death will pass away and when God will live among His people.

Recommended Books

Venues to Implement this Pillar

1. Volunteer as an auxiliary deacon

2. Volunteer during B&G project days

3. Serve your neighbors by assisting them whenever they are working on a self-help project

4. Contact 1 person a day from the contact list on your phone and ask them how you might serve them today.

5. Add a bullet to your “to do” list where you serve a stranger at a store or restaurant.

Platforms & Exercises to Develop this Pillar

  • Make a list of all the people in your life, family, friends, neighbors who God has called you to serve.
  • Break into small groups of 2-3 people and discuss how you can express the Gospel message when you serve others.
  • Serve at the Center in an area where you are gifted. Then serve at the Church in an area where you are not necessarily gifted. Write a 1-pager on the experience and how God uses your service when you are gifted & when you are not gifted at something.
  • Layout a proposal for all the things you would do to establish a cancer support ministry that serves people who receive a cancer diagnosis.
  • Find someone in your life that is difficult to love and serve him or her.