kingdom prayers


FMC PRAYER: Our Neighborhood – Lord, we lift up our community, especially the surrounding neighborhoods. Show us how to love these people as we love ourselves. May our concern for their needs override other things that take our time and focus. May Your Spirit rebuild and restore areas within families that have been broken or devastated by sin. Renew our communities by sending Your peace and prosperity into the places where You have planted us. Please bless each individual home as You rebuild each family from the inside out.

SUNDAY’S SCRIPTURE: Joshua 1:10-18 ~ Joshua Assumes Command

FMC ENDSTATE: Throughout the Tri-State Region & Beyond…the faithfulness of God is trusted…Lord, when we look back at our lives, we often remember the pain in them, but we also see highlighted glimpses of Your faithfulness throughout them. Your faithful love pierces through our pain, fills us up, and never leaves or forsakes us. Your faithful love is steadfast and ever-present. Therefore, we can thank You, God, in all things – may the words that come out of our mouths be praise – because in the best seasons of life, Your faithful love has been present in obvious ways, and in the lowest seasons of life, Your faithful love is what has sustained us.

May our lips glorify You for who You have always been, and may our prayers speak to the testimony of a thousand miracles that we have witnessed and received, because Your faithfulness has never and will never be a result of how bad or good our life is going, how bad or good we are being, or how bad or good the world is functioning. No, Your faithfulness is rooted in Your love. And because that is true, we can trust Your faithfulness even when our lives are hard.

INVISIBLE CHURCH: Lord, guide our leadership in faithfully shepherding Your flock. Thank You for the blessing of pastors, teachers, and elders. Strengthen their faith and joy in the gospel as they faithfully guide the church and prepare believers for service. Grant them wisdom and clarity in every area of life so they can exemplify Your character with patience to the church and the world. Help us honor them as appointed shepherds who sacrificially serve Your Kingdom. Please pour out Your blessings on the spouses and families of these leaders as they support the ministry’s call to expand Your kingdom.

STUDENTS: This week we lift up all of the students who will be attending Kids Blast this week! We ask that Your excitement and joy would be contagious throughout our leadership team and that students would connect with one another and form new friendships! May the character of everyone who enters FMC’s campus be strengthened as You reveal to them who You are and how much You love them. Thank you for Courtney and her team, gently keep their hearts in check this week as they pour themselves out for the sake of Your kingdom. Prepare every heart to fearlessly proclaim Your joy to the masses so that households would be transformed and Your faithfulness be revealed.

SCRIPTURE: Psalm 5:11 ~ But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you.

CARE: Lord, grant me the gift of empathy this week and reveal to me wisdom and understanding for those going through struggles. Show me how to be a comforting presence in their lives and offer a listening ear and a compassionate heart. As I strive to empathize with those in need, I pray that You would fill me with the ability to truly comprehend their pain and challenges. Thank You for the opportunity to care for others as You have cared for me.