We want to assist you in cultivating a prayer life that helps you draw near to God. One way of doing that is using the acronym – ACTS – which will aid you in developing a balanced prayer life. It’s not a formula for praying but rather a guide to keep you focused on your relationship with God and communicating with Him in a way that encourages intimacy.

Adoration: Adoration is simply focusing on who God is and expressing awe and worship. Sometimes this is the hardest thing for us to do, but it is a necessary part of praying, because it focuses us on who God is and gives us the opportunity to make much of Him. When we pray, it is essential that we know who we are talking to.

Confession: Confession is our response to the uncovering of who we are and what we have done. When we step into the light of God’s greatness, we recognize how we fall short of His glory. Confession is a great privilege, because it allows us to lay hold of the cleansing and forgiveness of our sins offered to us in Jesus. We may walk in filthy, but we can leave cleansed and forgiven.

Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving is a humble response to the generosity of God, acknowledging that every good and perfect gift comes from Him. In spite of who we are and what we have done, God has been and continues to do us good. Thanksgiving recognizes that all we are and all we have is because of him. Gratitude puts us in the right frame of mind to ask, because it leads us to consider what God has done and what he is able to do.

Supplication: Supplication is just the practice of asking. Jesus told us to ask, but He also modeled for us an asking that was submissive and surrendered. He delights to give and bless. Asking glorifies Him. Asking humbles us. Asking opens the door for greater faith and draws us deep into the arms of our good God whose faithfulness and love never end.