At our 10:30am worship service, you will hear contemporary / alternative music. People are encouraged to express their worship in the way that they connect best to God, so you may see some hands raised while others may be seated or in prayer.

Don’t forget to come early to grab some coffee, a donut or two, and connect with new and old friends!



Current Series:

December 2019


Every year Christmas comes. It comes with its lights. It comes with its trees. To quote the Grinch – ‘it comes with its packages, boxes and bags.’ Every year – Christmas comes. It comes with its shopping, its gatherings, its music and its dreams.     But – to borrow from the Grinch again – ‘what if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more?’ What if as on that first Christmas, in the middle of our expectations, in the midst of our traditions, in the rhythm of our routines, in spite of our plans – God does the unexpected.   He shows up.  

He shows up in unexpected places. He shows up to unsuspecting people. He shows up with an unbelievable message. 
Join us Sundays this December as we explore that first Christmas and discover that the God who came then is still a God who loves to do the unexpected.