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November 22, 2020
In light of the ongoing changes in state guidelines – starting, Nov. 22 – masks will be required through the entire worship experience for those joining us in person in our main sanctuary.
We will continue to monitor any mandates and what they mean for local churches and update you on any changes.
Your patience and cooperation are greatly appreciated.
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September 25th, 2020

September 25, 2020


Hello, Church! We hope this letter finds you doing well amidst a new school year, the coming of fall, and all the changes we are experiencing in 2020! Already, it has been quite a year! In spite of the challenges, your resiliency and faithfulness are a great encouragement. It is truly a blessing to be part of the Body of Christ with you here at Four Mile Church! 


No matter what is going on, God is still God. And always good! We hope you’ve been worshiping Him with us weekly. You can join us here at our campus on Sunday mornings, join one of our satellite communities or tune in online in your home. With all that is going on around us, it is even more critical that we stay connected, seek God, grow in faith and find ways to serve those around us. We value you, we pray for you, and we are continually seeking ways to better serve you and the community around us as together, we take our next steps toward Christ!  


We are very excited to let you know that on Sunday, October 4th, we are inviting as many of you to join us on-site as possible! Be assured that we are doing all we can to maintain a safe environment for everyone! How are we doing that? We’re glad you asked!! 
  1. We encourage everyone to respect proper social distancing, while remembering that not everyone is at the same comfort level! So…we encourage you to please ask before hugs and handshakes!
  2. We are asking that everyone wear a mask while entering or leaving the sanctuary, but are leaving it up to each person’s discretion during the service, unless you are seated in the back left section of the sanctuary, because… 
  3. We are keeping that portion of the sanctuary reserved for those who are more vulnerable by age or physical condition. We ask that all who are seated there keep their masks on throughout the service. We also dismiss this group first.
  4. Starting October 4th, we are able to offer care and ministry downstairs in Kids Town to babies 0 to 2, as well as Kids Church for children preK through third grade! We promise to be especially mindful of sanitization and safety with your little ones!! 
  5. We have hand sanitizing stations by the main doors into the sanctuary, as well as masks for those who may have left home without one! 

We would LOVE to see you on October 4th! We would love to fill that sanctuary with the sound of all our voices lifting praise to God together! We would love to celebrate communion with you! And…we would love for you to be there for the wonder of baptism! 

So, plan to join us here…we are so looking forward to worshiping with you! 


Martin and Cammie

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June 24th, 2020



Church – it has been and continues to be a strange and challenging time! But God continues and always will be in sovereign control. Not only that, but He is intimately at work directing history toward His desired design, building up His church to reflect His truth and love, and using us to minister His grace and the hope of the gospel to a world living apart from Him. 


Over the past many weeks, the staff and teams here have worked hard to serve you, serve our community, and to provide opportunities for us to worship together. We truly appreciate your patience and your participation. 


Beginning this coming Sunday, we are opening up a new phase for our church community. 

First, we are expanding the number of people who can be physically present in our sanctuary for Sunday morning worship to 120. 

  • For those who are considered more vulnerable to Covid19 (60+ years old or immuno-compromised), we are reserving a section each week in the sanctuary specifically for you. There is no need to register for a place, just show up and sit in the designated area. That group will also be dismissed at the end of our worship service before anyone else, so they can exit with minimal person-to-person contact. We are sanitizing the entire sanctuary each week, but are paying special attention to that area. 
  • We are also allowing some space for visitors and those who just ‘show up’ for worship.
  • Finally, for everyone else who desires to be physically present for our Sunday worship, there is a registration process in place which you can find on our website. Right now, since we don’t know what the response will be, we are limiting that number to 75 people, but that number will be adjusted as we see what kind of response we get. You can register for the upcoming Sundays if the present week is full. 


For parents with kids – at least through Sunday, July 19th your children will join you in worship. First, please know we understand kids are kids, and that is okay. We expect them to get fidgety, we know they at times get fussy. So don’t feel bad about that. Don’t think you need to leave because of it. We want you and your kids here with us – and for all to have a rich and meaningful experience. So don’t sweat the small stuff. We aren’t. Also, our children’s ministry director, Courtney, has prepared incredible bags full of activities and ideas – designed according to age – that you can pick up on your way in to use during the worship service. Meanwhile, we are working to figure out what children’s ministry will look like moving forward, how many of the volunteers are comfortable enough to be around a room full of kids, what kind of check-in procedures, group design, etc. we need to have in place to ensure safety. We will send out and post updates as those decisions are made. 


We also want you to know that we are making offsite worship opportunities an intentional and ongoing part of our church strategy. We already have several groups who will continue to gather in homes, we are putting together some new groups that will gather in other locations that will accommodate potentially larger groups. We are diligently working on what we need to do to ensure that those gatherings are fully functioning with rich worship, intentional ministry for children, as well as opportunities for growth and service as disciples. Our aim, then, is to multiply those offsite groups, but build in a rhythm where everyone gathers together – perhaps once a month – for celebration and communion. In spite of the hardships Covid19 has brought and the impact it will continue to have, God has been at work. Currently, we are connecting with people across multiple states. We are hearing many stories of friends, family members, and complete strangers who have been unchurched, but who are checking us out and hearing God’s truth by joining us online! We are thoroughly convinced that God is both renewing His church and opening a door for the gospel in our day. Again, we will keep everyone posted on what worship and ministry will look like moving forward and will make every effort to communicate with as much lead time as possible when and if there are any changes.


For now, our hope and encouragement are that every person connected to Four Mile is already or actively searching for a way to worship weekly with others. If we can help you get connected with that, don’t hesitate to contact Martin or Cammie.


We love our church and are fully committed to our vision of being an Acts 2 community being used by God to fulfill His purposes in the world.


So let’s take these next steps toward God, together!


~ Martin

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June 8th, 2020
If you feel comfortable, we highly encourage you to get together with friends and family to gather in worship on Sunday mornings via our website or on Facebook for the LIVE service at 10:30am every Sunday. If Sunday morning doesn’t work for you, pick a different night of the week to rewatch the service together, discuss, and dig deeper into God’s Word.

Looking for a community group to join? Please email! She would love to help you get connected!

If you or your small group are interested in joining us LIVE in worship on Sunday mornings in the sanctuary, please email the office at

** We will have a designated section for those who are at-risk or have a compromised immune system, every Sunday in the sanctuary – no need to let us know you’re coming, just show up before 10:30am =) **
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June 3rd, 2020

Who’da thought that we’d be having to talk through what regathering together in person will need to look like, but here we are. Church, you have been AMAZING!! And we cannot thank you enough for your support, your flexibility, your faithfulness, your prayers, and your encouragement every single step of the way through this season! It continues to be an honor and a privilege to serve all of you! 

I recently heard a pastor talking about how they are approaching the reopening of their building, and I thought the metaphor he used of a traffic light was brilliant! It describes three types of people right now: red light people are not at all ready to go out and/or be around people; yellow light people are ready…but are being very cautious; green light people have been back to normal for weeks! He then said something that captures the essence of what it means to be loving and gracious toward one another, regardless of which category we fit in: “We are not green, yellow or red light church. We are a Traffic Light Church, with all lights on. We should honor one another’s opinions.” He’s so right. There are lots of opinions, lots of different comfort levels. But I’m convinced that God cares not so much about the when or what of our regathering, but about how we love and care for another as we continue to navigate our way through this uncharted territory. 

So, with that being said, starting this Sunday, June 7th, we will be welcoming small groups of people into the sanctuary for our service. But, we wanted to let you know of the specific safety precautions we are taking to ensure that everyone who joins us here on Sunday mornings is as comfortable as possible.

First, please respect proper social distancing. We will rope off every other pew so that people can be sure to maintain good distances throughout the service. (By the way, for now, kids will be staying with their parents.) If you are a person who loves to hug or offer a handshake, remember…not everyone may be ready for that. Be sure to ask first…and save it for the parking lot before or after the service. We will leave it up to your discretion as to whether you would like to wear a mask before/during/after the service.  Oh, and we’ll also be sure to have hand sanitizer readily available! 

Second, for security purposes, everyone will be entering and exiting through the foyer doors only – and they will be locked at 10:30 sharp. So please be sure to be here on time (which means at least a few minutes early!). Only the foyer and sanctuary (lower level) will be accessible, both of which will be thoroughly cleaned before and after every service. This includes both of the bathrooms. If there’s a line…make a mental note to drink less coffee before you come! 

Third, we will not be handing out programs, collecting an offering, or passing out communion elements (on first Sundays). Please continue to give online or mail in your tithes and offerings. On Sundays when we will be taking communion together, we will direct you accordingly. 

That’s about it! If you would like to join us on Sunday mornings here at the church, please be sure to email us to let us know, so that we can maintain appropriate numbers. It’ll kinda be like a “first come, first served” kind of thing! If/when necessary, we’ll perhaps begin using a rotating schedule, of sorts, but we’ll keep you posted! 

THANK YOU, Church!! For who you are – for all you’ve done – and for your continued faithfulness to God and one another as we move forward! We can’t wait to see you in person!! 

~ Martin and Cammie

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May 23rd, 2020

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May 7th, 2020

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