Sunday Morning
Discipleship Class

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March 1 – April 5, 2020
9:15AM in the conference room


In the tech world, having good connection is essential. As long as you are connected and the connection is strong – life is good. Work gets done, information is exchanged, collaboration is possible and progress is made. If connection is lost or the connection is weak – nothing works right. Productivity stalls. Business comes to a halt. Progress is hindered. Collaboration becomes near impossible.

In the relational world, being connected is inescapable. We are all part of a family; we have or seek friendships; if you are a Christ-follower, you are a member of the household of God; we date, some marry, we work with others – to be human is to be connected. It is inescapable.

But sometimes those connections get messy. Signals get crossed. Communications seem garbled. Hidden viruses attack. Far from being the source of blessing and wonder, our deepest connections can become a source of frustration, confusion, and turmoil in our lives. Not to mention heartache.

In this series we will look closely at our relational connections and seek God’s wisdom on how to manage them well.

March 1 – May 31, 2020
9:15AM in the childcare wing
Teacher: Jack Mumaw


First and Second Thessalonians are among the earliest documents we possess from the birth of the New Testament church. Yet despite a 2000 year gap, these letters ring with relevance for today.

The Thessalonians had grown slack in pursuing holiness; many of us have too. The Thessalonians were unsettled, because they had misunderstood their future hope; many Christians are likewise unclear and confused and live with a similar misunderstanding. Contrary to the cliche, we are so seldom heavenly-minded that we are too often of little earthly good.

The danger to the people of God has always been that when the world peers into the church, it sees its own reflection. Instead, it should see a kind of life available nowhere else. It should see the grace of Jesus, lavished on humble sinners, embodied in self-giving love.

That, the Christ-follower in Thessalonica, got right. And it made a major difference.

Join us as we dive into a study of the 2 letters Paul wrote to encourage, warn, and guide this growing community of faith.