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JUNE 2020

Together, we’ve read through the book of Acts (we’ll finish this Sunday, May 31st), which is the story of how God birthed His Church into history! We hope that it’s been an encouragement to you to be in God’s Word every day. But more than that, we hope that a fire is burning hotter and deeper in your heart and soul to carry on what was started with that small handful of disciples in the upper room 2,000+ years ago. The gospel of Jesus Christ has the power to dramatically transform lives and marriages and families and communities and organizations and governments and nations! And, friends, God’s purposes haven’t changed!

As we’ve been reading, we’ve been leaning in to see with fresh eyes just what it looks like to live a life fully surrendered to the Spirit of God. And we’ve been asking God to help us not just “get through” this season, but to thrive in it, so that as we begin to reengage in larger circles, we are filled to fullness with His power in order to once again turn the world upside down in His Name! We don’t want to stop now. 

On Monday, June 1st, we will begin Chasing Paul through his missionary journey. We’ll once again relive the birth and expansion of God’s Church in its early years, but this time, we’ll do it by reading through Paul’s letters to the churches he planted along the way, and we’ll start in 1 Thessalonians. We would love for you to continue to engage one another in conversation, insights, questions, and prayer along the way, right here. So … don’t go anywhere! Read on…pray on…and let’s see what God has for us!