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Kids Church – September 27, 2020


Sermon questions September 27



Have you memorized Psalm 23?

The promise of living life shepherded by the Good Shepherd is the destination – ‘I will dwell in the house of the Lord, forever.’

Think for a moment and as best as possible clarify from what God has shown us of Himself and His creation what God’s house will be like.

How badly do you want to live there?

Martin suggested that what often gets in our way of living the richness of new life in Christ is we work harder at ‘trying’ than we do at ‘trusting.’ Do you agree? If so – why do you think that is?

Picture the area of your life where you struggle the most. Do you truly believe that the way to break free of that is the way of trusting, not trying?

Read John 10:1-5. Martin said that you cannot arrive at the Lord’s house if you will not follow the Lord’s leading. Do you agree with that statement? 

Martin suggested that many know that Jesus is necessary for salvation, but don’t desire Him as a Shepherd. How do you react to that statement?

Hopefully by now you know the 23rd Psalm. But do you know the Shepherd? Is the LORD your Shepherd? If not will you trust your life and destiny to Him today?

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