PreK, Kids, and ROCK: Sunday May 31st, 2020

Sermon Reflection Questions
May 31st, 2020

Martin talked about how our culture celebrates NEW…but not necessarily perseverance…not the grace of staying.
1) What are you tempted to bail on…from what/whom do you want to run…but God is asking you to stay, to give it some time? (See Phil. 1:6; 4:13)
2) “Your prison is your preparation.” Read Phil. 1:12 — How has God used some of your prisons to prepare you for where He was taking you, but you didn’t see that until you had come through it? How could this current season be a time of preparation for you?
3) Read John 15:8, 16. Often, “your prison is your place of pruning.” What kinds of things do you believe God has wanted (wants) to prune from your life during this time in order that you might bear more fruit?
“God would rather have you bear Kingdom fruit than for you to waste your life on anything else.”
4) Why are Christ-followers not more like Christ? “Because we don’t give it time. We don’t stay in it. We don’t rest in it. We don’t give it the time.” Into what are you investing your greatest energies and time?
5) Read Acts 16:25. What would YOU have done? During this season of isolation, has the way you’ve responded reflected all that you say you actually believe? In other words, is worship and praise essential to you, regardless of your circumstances? Or…has whining, complaining, blaming, anxiety, etc., been more the norm?
“Give it some time”…spend some time in prayer today asking God to give you the grace of perseverance — staying power! In order that He might accomplish in and through your life all that He has planned!

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