Current Sunday morning classes

April 8 – May 27

(childcare wing)
This study is based on Max Lucado’s book called ‘Grace’; where, together we will take a journey to discover new levels of the depth of God’s grace – greater than you can imagine, more than you deserve,
and all that you need!

May 6 – 27

(conference room)


We’ve all felt it – we look at the New Testament community of faith with its fire and fervency – the opposition and progress – the sacrifice and longing – then we look at our experience of church and wonder if this is the same? We read the stories of lives miraculously transformed and we look in the mirror or at the lives of those around us who profess to be new creations in Christ and we wonder – are those stories imaginary or are our lives missing something? Join us Sunday mornings at 9:15 for a closer look at what Jesus calls His church.