Current Sunday morning classes @ 9:15am

(Conference Room)

The Circle Maker

October 28th – November 18th

Often overlooked in the reading of the gospels is the deliberate amount of time Jesus set aside to pray. Jesus prayed. God moved. The movement of God is always in response to the prayers of His people. And that is often a truth overlooked. Prayer is God’s appointed access to the blessing He longs to give. Revival always begins with a renewed longing and seeking after God in prayer. And the church needs reviving. In this study based on Mark Batterson’s book The Circle Maker we will look at some different ways of understanding and engaging in prayer.


(Childcare Wing)

Jesus among secular gods

October 14 – November 18
In the Old Testament the people of God were drawn away from devotion to God by the worship of idols. Idols such as Baal, Molech, Asherah etc. I know in our modern era we read that and wonder how? And why? Even thinking that bowing to statues, worshiping crafted images – how crazy can people get? But even in our sophisticated and enlightened day worship of the one true God is decreasing in the nation and whole-hearted worship and devotion to God is also on the decline among those who profess to be His people! Idol worship of some form is always behind it. Ravi Zacharias says this – As belief in the secular gods of atheism, hedonism, relativism, and humanism continues to grow – it is more important than ever for believes to be able to defend and share the claims of Christ. In this study author, pastor and teacher Ravi Zacharias will help us understand the claims of Christ and provide Christians with clear understanding of the uniqueness of the Christian faith. Idols now as throughout history always disappoint. So join us Sunday mornings in the childcare wing as together we deepen our understanding of what we believe and why it matters – so that both the witness of our lives and the testimony of what we believe will be renewed and strengthened so we can live faithfully and fruitfully our new life in Christ.