Succession Update

January 26, 2021 – David and Jennifer Lyle would love to connect with each Four Mile family by phone/zoom/facetime over the coming weeks.  Please reach out to him via email if you are interested at:

On December 13th, Four Mile Church held a congregational meeting to act on the elders’ recommendation that David Lyle be hired as the next lead pastor.  The result of the vote was unanimous and we could not be more thrilled to have David and his family join our community.  

After 27 years, David is retiring from West Point and is currently finishing his final academic year as the Vice Dean for Resources and Professor of Economics.  He will begin as Four Mile’s next lead pastor on August 1st, 2021.  Over the next several months David will be engaging with the Four Mile community.  This has been a long process, that has been thoughtfully and prayerfully engaged. As we look ahead to this next phase of ministry for the Four Mile community, we believe David is the individual God has called to lead us. 

We are truly excited to reflect and celebrate God’s faithfulness and His use of Martin and Laurie’s commitment to Four Mile over the past thirty years, while also looking forward with anticipation for the new season to come.  The elders are working with Martin and David to determine an appropriate timeline for the transition and as that is clarified, we will certainly keep our church community informed on the specific details. 

We pray and long to be a church wholeheartedly committed to God, making ourselves continuously available for His Kingdom work and glory as we take our next steps toward Christ, together!


Thank you Four Mile for your trust and your faithful partnership in God’s work in and through Four Mile Church.

December 10th – A very important message from pastor Martin

December 13th – Covenant Member vote to act on elders’ recommendation to hire David Lyle as new lead pastor.

The elders have called a congregational meeting for Sunday, December 13th. The meeting will begin 15 minutes after the end of the worship service. The purpose of the meeting is to act on the elder recommendation to hire David Lyle as the next Senior Pastor at Four Mile Church.


Due to covid 19 restrictions our in-person occupancy is limited. In light of that we are asking that:

1.  If you plan on attending the meeting in person please register in advance using the link below. Each person will need to register separately. 
2. Only active covenant partners attend in person (‘active covenant partner’ means you have gone through Four Mile’s membership process and have been regularly engaged in worship and service in the ministry here.)
For those joining us online – only active covenant partners are able to vote. For that reason we do ask that if you vote online please include your first and last name. Votes can only be submitted when motion is presented at the meeting. 
For those joining the meeting in-person, mask-wearing will be required for the duration of the meeting. 
For parents – childcare will be available for children ages 3 and under.
For those joining us in-person we are using both our sanctuary space and dining hall facility to accommodate people. We are able to hold 125 people in the sanctuary and approximately 50 in the dining hall. Sanctuary seating will be every other row and 6 people max per row.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact any of the elders. In advance we thank you for you cooperation and thank God for your partnership in His work here at Four Mile.
Below is a summary provided by the Search Team as to why David Lyle was recommended to the elders for further interviews and consideration.  
Based on all evidence provided through resume, pre-screening, pre-interview questionnaire, and interviews, we have full confidence that David is a fully qualified candidate to fill this position.  
  • His extensive military leadership has provided him with abounding opportunities to achieve great success in areas where challenges have historically been barriers
  • He demonstrated through interviews that he speaks in a relational way and is able to provide appropriate and fitting examples and is able to set clear expectations
  • He gives off a calm and professional impression and is able to quickly assess questions and articulate well-thought appropriate responses
  • Proof of managing well through teams, finding the best in each member and capitalizing on those strengths
  • Experienced people builder on a large scale, a major agent of change with purposeful intention
  • He was able to provide us with a strong belief that he is unique, creative, logical, efficient, and resourceful – an “idea guy” with robust strategic skills for execution
  • When speaking of his love for Christ and his desire to “share His love with everyone I meet”, he comes across as warm yet passionate
  • He has expressed a deep and abiding love for Christ with demonstration of a strong theological knowledge and healthy spiritual practices
  • It is the opinion of the Search Team that David would be an extremely strong, creative, and resourceful leader that has the potential to provide Four Mile with an extremely unique opportunity to push far beyond its current boundaries

David Lyle: Don’t Worry 
September 22, 2020

November 23rd mailing
Congregational letter from the elders about David Lyle.

November 23, 2020


Dear Four Mile Church,

In the spring of 2019, we announced that we would begin the process of searching for a senior pastor to replace Martin.  Martin has faithfully led and served Four Mile for more than 28 years.  He is someone who wholeheartedly follows the Lord, which is why Martin initiated the transition and search process with the elders.  He believed it was the right time to pass the torch to another leader.  Martin’s and the elders’ focus was and will remain what is best for Four Mile Church.

The elders established a search team in February 2019 with the mission to identify appropriate candidates who would then be recommended to the elders for further consideration.  The search team worked for several months creating a job profile and interview process.  Upon completion, the job profile was posted to various church job platforms.  The search team received and reviewed a significant number of resumes throughout the process which were then passed along for a pre-interview questionnaire and then interviews, if warranted.  The search team would then conduct two interviews, with candidates who moved on to this phase; one with a focus on leadership skills and one with a focus on theological beliefs.  Next, the search team reviewed audio and video examples of preaching.  Finally, the search team conducted reference interviews of individuals submitted by the candidates, as well as individuals referred by the original references.  After this process, qualified candidates that fit within the vision and job profile were recommended to the elders for further review.  Most importantly, we were prayerful throughout the process.  We have laid out the details to hopefully encourage you that this entire process was handled with care and intentionality.  Our goal was not to just fill a position, but to hear from God who He had next to lead Four Mile. 

After much prayer and discernment, we believe that individual to be David Lyle.  From our initial interaction, he clearly has a heart for Jesus, as well as the leadership qualities and experiences to serve as our next senior pastor.  David submitted his resume in January of 2020 and has graciously worked with us throughout the following months (COVID and all!).  In addition to the interview process, David was able to visit with us over the summer, and the elders were able to spend a weekend with David and his wife, Jennifer, to get better acquainted, as well.  Each meeting and discussion with David, we found ourselves more encouraged and affirmed that this was who was next for Four Mile.  

David grew up in Grove City, Pennsylvania and Jennifer is a native of Geneseo, Illinois.  They have a daughter, Allyson, who is a senior at Wheaton College and a son, Andrew, who is a senior in high school.  David and Jennifer both graduated from West Point in the early 1990s.  Jennifer served as a logistics officer for 6 years before getting out of the Army to pursue her career as a dietitian.  After several assignments as an engineer officer, the Army selected David to attend graduate school and return to West Point in 2003 as a member of the faculty.  He has served at West Point for the past 17 years and is currently an Army Colonel assigned as the Vice Dean for Resources and Professor of Economics. Throughout his time at West Point, David has been actively involved in campus ministry. He founded and co-directed the West Point Sunday Night Vespers Service, as well as directed the West Point Fellowship of Christian Athletes Program.  David enrolled in seminary in 2012 to enhance his ability to contribute to his ministry opportunities at West Point.  Over the past 17 years, he has had a multitude of opportunities to serve and grow under the guidance of many Army Chaplains from diverse denominational backgrounds.  They have allowed David to partner alongside them in various leadership roles such as delivering sermons, conducting funerals, serving communion, providing Biblical counseling, presiding over baptisms, teaching, and leading congregational prayers.  After 27 years of service as an Army officer, David is retiring, and excited to pursue his calling to full-time ministry.

David first learned about Four Mile during the summer of 2019 while completing the ECO ordination program.  Of the many job postings on the ECO website, he found ours to be very much in line with his heart for ministry. While in the area for a family function, he made a surprise visit to Four Mile.  He had such an encouraging experience that he came back a few weeks later to visit with Martin and Cammie.  He came away from his visits excited by Four Mile’s mission and encouraged by the love for Jesus he saw in our leadership and staff.  David participated in our Daniel fast in the fall of 2019 from his home in New York and has been worshipping with us each week remotely ever since.  

As part of this process, we will be holding a congregational vote on December 13th to finalize the hiring of David.  In preparation for the vote, the elders, along with Martin and Cammie, will be sharing their experiences and thoughts about David over the coming weeks.  We have been thorough in our process, and most importantly, have been prayerful throughout.  We believe we have received affirmation along the way of David being the correct fit for Four Mile, and he believes he has received the same clarity.  We want what God wants and desire to be in His will above all else.  Updates and additional information will be posted on our website under Succession.  The elders will be available for questions over the next few Sundays before the vote on December 13th.  We can also be reached by email at  

In Christ,

Your elders,

Joshua Diamond, Sherri Herstine, Brian Grubbs, Bill Nixon and Steve Gumpf


November 15th announcement