Get into the habit of reading your Bible – every. single. day. – here is our recommendation that we are doing together as a church body:
On February 10, 2021 – we are launching a church wide engagement to encourage you to read God’s Holy Word, every single day through the Read Scripture app.  The app is available in the app store as well as on Google play. [see links below]
If you are curious as to what the Read Scripture app is like, click here, their webpage is awesome and shows you exactly what the reading plan is all about!
If you do not have access to the App Store or Google play, The Bible Project has a print out version that you can download and print for yourself!  So, there really is NO excuse as to why you cannot start this adventure with us!Click here to access the printable document
We also want to encourage you to not only READ scripture every day, but engage with one another in discussion about what you have read.  Share your thoughts, insights, revelations, and encouragement with one another.  We made a Facebook page that you can access to be a part of the discussion here
Let’s dig in to God’s Word – together, church!