Starting November 3, 2019

(conference room)

In this Bible study, pastor and author Rich Wilkerson, Jr. reveals how Jesus was referred to as a “friend of tax collectors and sinners” (Luke 7:34). In the religious leaders’ minds this was one of the greatest indictments imaginable, but for Jesus it was a sign of success because it was the very definition of his mission.

In this study, we will be challenged with the realization that by following Jesus’ example, we can have the same clear conviction and compassion for the lost that he did – be they in the marketplace, neighborhood, classroom, churches, or in our own homes and family gatherings.
(childcare wing)

The Gospel According to Jonah invites us to look into a world fraught with missteps, disobedience, idolatry, and mistaken “identity.”   It’s a world most of us would recognize in our own lives. But in the world of Jonah, we also get more –  a beautiful foreshadowing of Jesus and a picture of a God that pursues us relentlessly.   Join us as we take a fresh look at this familiar story.