Christmas is fraught with traditions. Some profound – bordering on holy even. Others mundane and routine. Empty rituals. Some comical or even whimsical. Cause for laughter or fuses to ignite excitement. Christmas is rife with traditions – that is not necessarily bad. Or good. But one thing is for certain traditions, much like holidays – no matter how oft repeated – they don’t necessarily change anything.

So this Christmas as we celebrate the season and recall the wondrous gift God has given using the traditional advent candles we want to do more celebrate the gift given – we want to incarnate it. 

So for each week’s advent theme, we thought it would be good for us and honoring to our God to take concrete steps to live out the gift God has given. We truly hope you accept the challenge and join us in putting the Spirit of Christmas on display!!! Feel free to go at it alone or as a family or group. Share your stories with us! 

CANDLE OF HOPE ~ week of December 6, 2020

  • Take time to encourage someone (write them a personal note, invite them out or over for coffee)
  • Give someone who is struggling or carrying a heavy burden a hand up
  • Find a way to support local hospital staff, first responders, law enforcement, military, etc
  • Serve, lift a burden, bless someone in a meaningful and surprise way – but to it undercover
  • Reach out to someone who is alone

CANDLE OF PEACE ~ week of December 13, 2020

  • Reconcile with someone
  • Listen to someone you differ with for the sake of understanding them
  • Forgive and release someone who has offended or hurt you
    • That may be strictly internal spiritual work or may need to be communicated 
  • Work through a persistent relational issue with a family member
  • Start the process of getting past an ongoing internal struggle

CANDLE OF LOVE ~ week of December 20, 2020

  • Write a note giving verbal expression to someone you love
  • Reassure someone of your love and value of them
  • Renew a commitment you have drifted from or a vow you made
  • Make a meaningful sacrifice for a family member
  • Reconnect with a relationship that has been ignored or grown distant

CANDLE OF JOY ~ week of December 27, 2020

  • Find a way to introduce celebration into your workplace
  • Honor somebody publicly – (without any expectation of return)
  • Infuse laughter into your home
  • Do something crazy with/for someone
  • Reach out to somebody who is alone and have a party
  • Bless someone with a gift that would never expect it
    • EG, leave a server a giant tip, give someone a surprise gift just to see them light up, etc, etc